WIP Wishlist

I commissioned a blanket and gave it all of my crochet time. Which actually helped me focus on what I want to make for ME. So here are a few images of all my crochet crushes right now, not forgetting knitting which is also turning my head. I am all about the wearables.

Peter Pan Collar Cardigan by Nicki Trench


Granny Jumper by Jess James Jake



Dreamer Crochet Crop by Love Bird Collective


grungy knit crochet tank por napkinitems en Etsy
Grungy crochet top by Napknititems


1 Peter Pan Collar Cardigan by Nicki Trench .  2Granny Jumper by JessJames Jake . 3. Dreamer Crochet Crop by LoveBirdCollective 4. Grungy Crochet Top by Napknititems 

Take a look at my Pinterest boards for crochet clothes here and knitted clothes here for more inspiration.

Beauty in scraps by Magnusmog


Ooh-La-Lace by Cathy Caron


Knitted sock Pink wool sock Hand knit socks Lace by MyCharmingWool
Lace pink socks by My Charming Wool

1. Beauty in Scraps by Magnusmog 2. Ooh-La-Lace by Cathy Caron 3. Lace pink socks by My Charming Wool

More of my lust have socks can be found here.



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