My Top 5 topics I YouTube – YouTube Life

Top 5 topics I YouTube (obsessively!)

YouTube Life

YouTube is my thing.

I binge on YouTube like the cool kids binge on Netflix. I watch YouTube whilst making, cooking, editing, bathing, washing up, putting clothes away, doing my hair and sometimes even when i’m on the treadmill. I go from Mac, to iPad to iPhone depending on what else I’m doing and seriously want to get a bluetooth speaker because sometimes you need that extra bass when streaming yano.

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1. Makers Life:

At number 1, my most watched YouTube topic has to be craft casts. Knitting. Crochet. Sewing, DIY. I am subscribed to a bajillion crafty vloggers who I also follow on all the social media. The creative community is amazing and I am so glad I started my IG over a year ago and found them all. It lead to this blog and the start of  YouTube habit. I recently blogged about my Top 5 channels to subscribe to here  and I have newly subscribed to Carmen’s channel New Leaf.

I also follow the likes of Winiwick Mum, Knit Freedom and Bella Coco as they have tonnes of tutorials and how to’s. With the help of Knit Freedom I knitted my first pair of toe up two at a time socks and Bella Coco just taught me how to Tunisian Crochet Yo.

I did a thing! Tunisian Crochet swatch . This was so incredibly easy using scraps and YouTube (thank you @bellacococrochet). On to the next stitch! #HGDesignsCrochet #Crochet #TunisianCrochet #BiStitchual #CrochetAddict #NewSkills #IDidAThing

I’ve also joined the ranks of YouTubers with my own channel.

2. Van Life

Van life is my latest and greatest fascination. Okay, borderline obsession. I’ve always been into Grand Designs and the whole build it yourself movement, I even have the early series on DVD. A few years back I got into George Clarke’s Amazing Small Spaces, which I also have on DVD, and then I searched small spaces on YouTube and BAM. Whole new world.

I’m subscribed to no end of channels dedicated to small living. Clamping huts, Yurts, and all manner of little spaces converted into full time homes. But my real love is going on van tours. Not going to lie, I want my own Sprinter to convert and tootle of in on a big adventure and live a stealth alternative life.

My most watched channels are the Indie Projects and The Minimal Millennials.

The Van life leads nicely into minimalism and the zero waste movement which I also have a strong interest in. I decided last month that 2018 would be the year I use more of what I have, be less of a consumer and declutter life. I may also pledge to a No spend. I am all about that simpler life.

3. Gym Life

Topic number three of my most watched is FITNESS. I am all about the gym life and 2018 is the year I am going to smash goals and truly see how strong my body is. Spartan Girls is goals.

I watch a lot of videos on lifting techniques, new exercises to switch up my training sessions, calisthenics for motivation and a bit post recovery stretching is definitely creeping in more often.

Plus shout out to my brother Little Karlton Training who is also a YouTuber and vlogs his fit life. The Griffith’s are taking over. Go check him out and show his videos some love.

4. Music = G.R.I.M.E LYF

Music is life. I have Spotify on constantly. If YouTube isn’t on Spotify is. I use YouTube to watch music videos and listen to mixtape. I listen to all types of music but I am 100% a grime head. Bugzy Malone is my ultimate voice crush and I usually start a gym session with him coming through the Dre Beats. The King of the North tweeted me as well you know. Just saying. Mad love to you B Malone.

5. Twerk Life

Seriously, I have mad appreciation for a decent twerker. Fraules is where it is at and one day I want that sort of muscle control. Plus crocheting to these sorts of songs really sets a tempo. LOL.


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Are you a YouTuber? Or a YouTube fanatic?

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