Stash busting scrap yarn blankets tutorial #HGDCScrapBallChallenge

Stash busting scrap yarn blankets

 Hey Tribe, Insta followers (my wonderful tribe) will have seen my posts about my latest crochet obsession. Stash busting scrap yarn blankets.

Why stash busting scrap yarn blankets?

Basically because, well  – adulting.

I touched upon my new crochet habits in my first blog post HGDesignsCrochet  – A Crochet Blog. Since moving into my own little place I haven’t had as much spare dolla to splash on yarn (sigh) and in actually having to pack up my stash I rudely realised how MUCH yarn I own. Like so, so much yarn. More adulting realisations, my place is tiny cute, so storage is sacred. There are not so many hiding places for yarn. I had an entire wall of built in wardrobes at the folks and trust me you could cram that solid! 

And, I confess, I want to buy lots of new squishy yarn to start a few (hundred) colour co-ordinating blankets so I need the space for the said new yarn. It would be amazing to purchase said squishy new yarn because its actually needed and would be guilt free because i’ve depleted my stash. Imagine that. Wow. So new adulting miss independently living me became a stash busting scrap yarn boss. Yeah hashtag that.

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I admit (begrudgingly) that I have a lot of yarn and I don’t need to buy more to make a million blankets (my project of choice always).  How to work in all those scraps? With the #HGDCScrapBallChallenge. 


Here is a mini pictutorial on how to make the #ScrapYarnBalls to take part in #HGDCScrapBallChallenge.


I collected together all my leftovers, scrap yarn, rejected abandoned half used balls, test swatches, and yarn barf.  Yarn barf is the yarn that tangles in the bottom of your project bags. You all have yarn barf issues.Then I made scrap yarn balls. 


Take two ends and knot together

Begin winding on your fingers to start a mini skein

Knot each end, as you reach, it to another scrap

Until you have your very own scrap yarn balls


Make a million of them


Start making your stash busting scrap yarn blankets. Just like mine.


scrap yarn blankets

You can follow its growth on insta with hashtag #HGDC_Scraptastic

Ready? Get set, GO!

Ready? Raid those yarn stashes and get making scrap yarn balls. Tag your pretties with #HGDCScrapYarnBallChallenge so I can shower your Insta and Twitter with love and so I can show you off in my #SaturdayShoutOuts. A special thank you to @nai_nai_makes for starting the challenge hashtag. I told you I have a wonderful tribe didn’t I. 

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Be sure to visit soon. In next weeks post I am showing off my first finished stash busting scrap yarn blanket, Scraptastic. Plus I will be show casing some of the tribes’ #HGDCScrapYarnBallChallenge blankets too. 

Heather xx

HGDesignsCrochet – A crochet blog

Hey Tribe, HGDesignsCrochet just levelled up with  a blog.

About HGDesignsCrochet

The ‘HG’ comes from my name.

The ‘Crochet’ was a non-brainer.

The ‘Designs’ is a one day hopeful/semi-reality.

I started my Instagram page in June 2016 as a way to share my crochet adventures with fellow yarn lovers. The type who squeal over new yarn, stroke blankets and use all the emojis when you post a progress picture of the next row because its exciting and it makes my soul happy, and obvs the colour change is must see (LOL). I didn’t even dream of how amazing the Instagram #CrochetCommunity would be. Now I have even more to share and a blog is born.


Really this post is an expanded about me and HGDesignsCrochet’s upbringing. So. Hi, I’m Heather, 27, living in Leicestershire, UK with Darcy, my lurcher boy.

By day I am a trainee Legal Executive in Private Client (my views here do not represent my employer). I am gym obsessed (#GirlsWhoLift), avid reader, journal keeper, with an addiction to all things craft but CROCHET will always be my number one love.

Crochet is my happy place. A way to be creative.  A way to let my soul be true. A way to keep my mind busy. I crochet when I need to think something through. I crochet to switch off. Creative individuals seem to struggle with more mental nasties then others, something which I have experienced, so through my blog I also want to touch upon that and help anyone I can. Connect. Support. Empower. IG followers know all to well I love a good quote and some inspirational affirmations.

How it all began

My grandmother  taught me how to crochet after I fractured my wrist as ‘physio’. My wrist set wonky but my crochet skills are unprecedented. That was about six years ago. My first ever project was some naff looking granny squares in an awful colour scheme that are hidden a box never to be seen again. Then the crochet bug hit hard. I had to have all the yarn, try all the patterns, all the stitches and have every magazine to start every single project in the world now, now, now.

I have pretty much only ever made crochet blankets. They are my thing. Making something pretty but functional appeals to me. Making something pretty and warm is the one. I love, love, love when the blanket hits that stage where it is big enough to snuggle under whilst you work on it. This is also the stage where I tend to get that itch to start yet another new blanket, which I justify as needing a travel size project. Out of the six or seven crochet blankets I still own, maybe two are finished. They all get used though! Totally negates the unfinished state…

Here is a gallery of sorts of all the blankets I still have the pleasure of owning.



Now I tend to use solely DK and I am showing almost championship self discipline skills by using up my stash and scrap yarn. Best believe it. I decided it was time to use up the ridiculously sized stash that was stuffed in every bag, gap, hole, crevice,  in my house to eventually make way for new yarn because I want to be able to buy more yarn guilt free and actually make a pre-planned colour co-ordinating blanket. Imagine that. So stash busting has commenced so far in these two blankets;




My next post will be dedicated to my stash busting scrap yarn blankets.

So for now, thank you for visiting and reading.

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