YouTube Renovation and All About the Crochet – Vlogs 5 & 6

YouTube Renovation and All About the Crochet – Vlogs 5 & 6

Hey Tribe 

Here are the show notes for Vlogs 5 &6 on the HGDC channel.

In the ‘YouTube Renovation’ Vlog I talk you through my plans and changes to the channel for 2018.

In the ‘All About the Crochet’ Vlog I show you my Just Because grannay squares, Snap’s baby blanket and a sock pattern I have started. 

YouTube Renovation 

I blogged about the #HGDCMakersMoment Tweet Up here

All About the Crochet 

I blogged about my inspiration and planning behind my Just Because blanket here

I vlogged about the LeeLee blanket in Episode 4.

Style craft Special DK in Candyfloss

Attic 24 Granny Stripe Pattern

Snap’s Blanket 

5mm hook, chain 68. 

38 colour changes. 

Stylecraft Special DK grey/silver

Stylecraft Special DK blue

Paintbox Grey

John Lewis Double Knit Yellow 514. 

Teddy Yarns pink. 

FAB Patons Royal Blue.

Tunisian Crochet 

Tutorial by Bella Coco

Granny socks made using the Treble Stripe Socks pattern by Simone Francis.

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Thanks for watching.

Heather Boo xxx

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‘Just Because’ – Crochet blanket inspiration and planning

Hey Tribe

Today’s little post is all about the inspiration and planning behind my new blanket which i’ve dubbed ‘Just Because’.

Anybody who has watched Episode 4 of the HGDC Podcast will have seen the finished LeeLee Blanket which I finished late December 2017 in a bid to the finish up the blanket stack. Most of the blanket stack blankets are my long time languishing WIPs. So, LeeLee blanket finished. Check. On to the next? Detour!

Whilst working on the LeeLee I had images of a girly version pop into my mind. Rather then solid granny squares of ‘manly’ colours I was day dreaming of a full on pink affair joined in light grey as opposed to the darker grey. I stash dived and then tweaked the design.

JUST BECAUSE recipe: minimalism, all the sparkles, pink everything, stash busting, creating, making and enjoying, unobligated creativity, indulgence, creativity, satisfaction, guilt free, mindful, mindless, for my bedroom, colour scheme, identify, waste not want not, frugality, gratitude.

18 Interior Design Inspiration Quotes - Top Interior Designers Share Inspiration


There are five granny squares designs which I am going to use throughout the blanket. Each square has 12 rounds.

I am using the Stylecraft Special DK in candy floss pink in each square for consistency/cohesion.

Square1: centre – rounds 1-3, rounds 4-6 in stash misc,rounds 7-9 another star misc and rounds 10-12 another stash  misc.

Square2: border – rounds 1-3 in stash stash misc, rounds 4-9 in Style craft pink, rounds 10-12 in another stash misc.

Square3: dot – Rounds 1-3 stash misc, rounds 4-10 in Stylecraft pinkRounds 11-12 in stash misc

Square4: chunk – rounds 1-7 in stash misc and rounds 8-12 in Stylecraft pink.

Square5: frame – rounds 1-6 in Sylecraft pink rounds 7-9 in stash misc and rounds 10-12  in Stylecraft Pink


So far the plan is a 5×7 square layout with each square border alternating between Stylecraft pink  and stash misc.

What have you made recently just because?

Heather xxx





Granny Triangle Crochet Cowl

Granny Triangle Crochet Cowl 

I took three projects with me to Dorset.

A commissioned blanket.

A pair of DK knit socks.

And a Crochet Cowl Granny Triangle.

Crochet Cowl Granny Triangle Selfie
Crochet Cowl Granny Triangle Selfie
Crochet Cowl Granny Triangle

My inspiration came from Zeens and rogers Really Easy Crochet Shawl

shawl mirror
Zeens and Rogers

and Mamainastitch’s Crochet Triangle Wrap


As well as a whole host of Pins on my Crochet : Scarves board.

I modified the Zeens and Rogers pattern to create my  Granny Triangle Crochet Cowl which has a handy pictorial.

Crochet Cowl Granny Triangle


Time – I worked my cowl up in an afternoon (5-6 hours)

Weight – My Crochet cowl Granny Triangle weighs around 290g

Measurements – L58in x H29in


4mm hook

Approx –

200g of Paintbox Yarns Simply DK in Slate Grey (105) for the body colour and trim

50g of Stylecraft Special DK in Raspberry 1023 for the contrast colour

50g of Stylecraft Special DK in Silver (1203) for the scallop edging

or equivalent

(50g is possibly overly generous as a fail safe because I didn’t weigh my silver or raspberry yarn whilst in a caravan, practicalities, sorry folks)


I modified the Zeens and Rogers pattern to create my  Granny Triangle Crochet Cowl which has a handy pictorial. I followed the pattern by doing 40 body repeats in slate grey using up my 200g. I then repeated three rows of row 3 in my contrast colour, silver.  The body of my Crochet Cowl Granny Triangle is 45 rows in total. I then added the Zeens and Roger scallop edging in raspberry and then the trimming in the body colour and hey presto. FINITO.

Crochet Scallops

Please tag me in your own versions.

Thank you to Zeens and Rogers for the pattern inspiration.

Crochet Cowl Granny Triangle



Crochet clllllll day
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