Mini break – SkegVegas

Skegness meets CROCHET

Hey Tribe

I had a mini break in Skegness from 2-5 June 2017.

So many lovely memories made. Here is a snapshot of the hooky related moments.

Holiday prep -YARN!

Four days away, 6-ish hours car crochet time and how ever much time I could sneak in whilst being away. How much yarn would I need? How many projects would I need?! Like a suitcase full.

I decided to start another scrap yarn blanket, take my second hottie cover and my new socks I’ve cast on. Simple, easy portable projects.

I prepped a giant #HGDCScrapBallChallenge scrap skein the night before whilst watching Tomb Raider (Lara Croft is so badass) to take with me. I also started the foundation chain and first two rows of a granny square stripe blanket to work on in the car.

Darcy helped of course.

Friday. So much car crochet.

I crocheted on the beach.

Tanning and crochet work well on the UK coast as it is SO windy.

I crocheted on the park.

I crocheted whilst watching the Yarn Hoarder podcast on a chill afternoon whilst the kids watched crap cartoons and my cuz napped.

I crocheted before a night out.

Crochet and Presecco is BLISS

Check out my tan!


Car crochet on the way home was  cut short due to extreme grogginess and wrist aches which meant that although I actually came close to running out of yarn despite feeling like I had over packed on the yarn (imagine how bad that would have sucked) thankfully I had about 50g to spare by the time I reached home. And the untouched hottie cover and cast on socks in my suitcase…

Granny Stripe info

I chained 182 for the foundation row. I have 60 granny treble clusters across. It measures 47in width.

I used my #HGDCScrapBallChallenge method to make the scrap skeins up.

I timed myself on a row which took me 10minutes and 19 seconds and I was by no means going flat out. I’ve rounded up to 11 mins x 54 rows. That is 9 hours and 9 minutes of crochet time altogether. WOW.

The glitter works so well in this blanket. Glitter yarn makes me happy.

Now I just need a name. Suggestions below please!

Book Worming is my jam

The book bug hit me hard on Sunday night and carried on through most the journey home. I got sucked into  AngelFall by Susan EE. Penryn, the main character, is a badass female who can fight like a ninja, has a wheel chair bound baby sister to look after during the end of the world and a crush on  a wingless angel.  Yeah. Intense. Angel’s have always been my least favourite paranormal topic and I haven’t found a angel book that i’ve ever been into so I am pleasantly surprised this time round.

It also never ceases to amaze me how I can sit and read amongst the chaos of 5/6 kids running riot or generally creating a hella hullabaloo on a car ride and I can zone them all out to read (but still hum to the music or give a bum wiggle!). book worming is my jam.

Angelfall: Penryn and the End of Days Book One by [Ee, Susan]

It feels so good to be reading again! Use my side widget to follow me on GoodReads and recommend good reads for me. Has anyone read AngelFall?

Music Memories

My cuz and I are music mad and probs played it 24/7. She is an amazing singer and I just join in as back up. Booty shakes are the norm for us. I created a mini Spotify playlist here for the top ten songs we had on.

Does anyone have any mini trips planned? What are your travel crochet go tos? Let me know below.


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