Leicester at The Exchange – Sunday Knitting

Leicester at The Exchange – Sunday Knitting 

I’ve appeared on another blog!

I joined this little knitting group autumn/winter 2016.

All the ladies are super welcoming and oh so helpful. We sit and chat for two hours on a Sunday afternoon whilst drinking tea (they do), eating cake and either knitting or crocheting.


The Exchange staff always have our sign ready for us.

Knitters aren’t quitters!
Naughty Knickers

LOL. Bants.

Everyone has different levels of experience and different projects on the go. I’ve found this little group super helpful of when I have knitting related questions. Oracles! I often use this time to explore new techniques and this is where I sat and completed my first ever cable swatch.

Rose Blush DK cable swatch

Want to join?

If there are any Leicester Locals who want to come along the group meets every Sunday at 2pm-4pm at The Exchange Leicester.  Street Parking is free and The Exchange cake is pretty amazing.

Every week Christine puts a post on the FaceBook page and we all comment whether we can make it or not. With wintery days coming back around I am looking forward to these cosy hours.

Heather xxx



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