January 2018 Playlist

January 2018- Lyrical Lifeline 

 Music is life. Lyrics are bae. New tracks are more life. Grime is the biggest feature. Bugzy Malone. Ozzie Gibbs. Ghetts. All the greats Here is my monthly wrap up of my January 2018 top ten plays.

Moving – Bugzy Malone

OBVS Bugzy Malone features number one. King of the North. This track gets me out of bed in the early pre dawn am and to the gym. I listen to the entire album before each day is done. My voice crush. 

“…It comes a point in life when you gotta learn to keep it moving
And what I mean about that is, you can’t look at a problem
You gotta look through a problem
You see the minute you stop, you’re dying
And the minute you understand that
Well, then you can start to live…”

Do It Big – Naughty Boy

“…Before my grave dig
And I lay to rest
I’mma do it big
Bigger than the rest…”

BISC047: New Year Same Dream – Rival

Best Nana – King Ko$a, Konshens & Shenseea

 Toast – Foreign Beggars 

Outburst 001-004 – Manga Saint Hilare

BIG chooooon. 

“…Grime gave me an in
And grime kept me outside
I don’t ask for acceptance
I only ask for forgiveness
And hope that I grow strong enough
To remain myself at all times…”

“…To anybody feels that they’re unheard
To everyone who feels that they ain’t seen
Don’t let your big heart get disheartened
Don’t ever discard your dreams
To all my overlooked outsiders
All them talented kings and queens
Don’t let the fact you were once lost
Make you scared to take the lead, believe…”

Longtime coming – Avelino

“…I saw the vision and I stayed focused
Remain focus, the main focus…”

Broccoli – DRAM

Barking – Ramz

“…Like many many many guys
Hate me and it’s, true too bad
I just stunt on you, like too bad…”

Know Yourself – Jammz 

Follow my Spotify playlist below to see the rest of the songs carrying me through January 2018. Link me up with must hears. 

Heather Boo xxx

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