HGDC Sock Box Reveals Mermaid and Evergreen

HGDCSockBox Reveals 1&2

Hey Tribe. I’ve put together a mini episode for the HGDCSockBox Reveals for the Mermaid and Evergreen themes.

This is footage from previous podcasts (1&3) put together in one little handy video for you. 

The next box sign ups will be listed 1st February 2018 to be shipped 1st March 2017. Make sure you subscribe to my blog and follow me on Insta to be the first to know when I publish the next box theme. 


The mermaid yarn was a 100g HGDC Mermaid skein and a matching 20g mini for the toes, cuffs and heels by  HeyJayYarns 

Mermaid scale stich marker by Esme’s Buttons

Motivational Postcard by BippityBlush

Mermaid wish bracelet by CharmOnYourSleeve

Iron on I love yarn patch by SnugglyStarsYarns

You can see my original reveal blog post here.


Evergreen Skein

Holly Fern 100g Skein by Homespunwonders 


Jewel Green 20g mini Skein by River Knits Yarn

Wreath stitch marker by Rebecca’s Room

Christmas tree stitch marker and ring progress keeper by me, HGDesignsCrochet

Knitting Christmas Tag from Craftschmooze

Washi Tape by MyCraftyNell

Yankee Candle

See the HGDCSockBox Evergreen Reveal blog post here. 

If you like what you see you can get your own HGDCSockBox here and search for box photos o Instagram with the hashtag #HGDCSockBox.

Heather Boo xxx


Editing credits 


YME: https://soundcloud.com/ymemusic/yme-tilt https://www.facebook.com/YMEmusicoffi… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgCX…
Music from Soundcloud Music provided by RFM: https://youtu.be/lX9Z2dl23xM

Edited by me using the following


Unfocused circles clip https://youtu.be/R5jIoLnL_nE
Overlay green screens by Jan Tube https://youtu.be/XTCecbuNlZQ
Green screen animations for social media by Jan Tube https://youtu.be/h4bePhuHG8c
Chevron transition https://youtu.be/FLaO25OnrKw
Heart overlay https://youtu.be/1WGmKQAWKEA






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