HG Designs Crochet – The Blanket Stack ♡ Vlog 12 // March 2018

HGDC Blanket Stack

Hey Tribe, happy Saturday ♡

One of my 2018 goals is to finish all my languishing WIPS, which in my case is 10+ blankets all in various stages of completion so that I can get these beauty displayed like they should . Anyone else with me on the finishing hype? And anyone else admire blanket stacks like I do? ✨#HGDesignsCrochet #HGDC #Crochet #BlanketStack #CrochetBlankets #CrochetBlanketStack #CrochetIsMyJam #CrochetIsBae #MyColourfulLife #MyHandMadeLife

Tonight’s vlog is a round up of my blanket stack. I take you through each blanket in my stack, talking about the pattern, yarn and my progress on each.

All of my blankets are worked in DK yarn.

Giant Granny Squares 

This blanket is one of my first ever projects and is around six years old and still unfinished! I used a 5mm hook to make 24 fourteen round squares which are 13inx13in/35cmx35cm. No two squares are identical though I used the same colours throughout the squares. I joined the squares using the join as you go method with two rounds of navy on each square. The border is a simple fifteen rounds of granny stripe and is 6 inches in width.

Should I finish this blanket?

4×6 squares (24)

Grandad’s Blanket 

I made this blanket back in 2015 for my grandad when he went into a care home a few years back. This blanket holds the most sentiment for me.

There are 17 twelve round squares including the one round of black for the join as you go method and a simple three round granny stripe border. Each square measures 17 inches and I used a 4.5mm hook.

56in x 56in

LeeLee Blanket 

I started this blanket in 2014 and finished it December 2017! I used a 4mm hook to make 35 ten round squares using twenty four different colours. Each square requires around 40-50 grams of yarn.  I joined them together using one round of PaintBox yarn in Slate and used the Slate to border by making one row of granny stripe with a row of US single crochet/UK double crochet to finish. I used around 300-400grams of yarn to join and border this blanket.

5×7 squares (35)


I am using a 3.5mm hook to create three round squares which I attaching directly using a join as you go method. I have worked the colours so that they meld into each other in a ombre effect.

Any suggestions on a border for this blanket? Let me know below in the comments.

22×19 squares (418 when complete)

Momma D’s Blanket 

This blanket is a granny stripe. I used a 16 row repeat of double rows of seven colours. There are 6 of the sixteen row repeats totalling 192 rows.

The Stylecraft Special DK colours used are; Oatmeal, Apple, Candyfloss, Blue sky, Cream, Raspberry, Silver.

To border I did one row of granny stripe in oatmeal and one row of reverse crab stitch in cream.

W:78in (including border)
Rows: 192

Sunshine Stripe

This is the first ever granny strip blanket I have made. I used five shades of yellow in an gradient effect.

Rows: 128


This is a scrap yarn blanket using the HGDC Scrap Ball Method. I used a 4mm hook

Current Spec:
Rows: 135 + foundation


I made this blanket using scraps and leftover skeins of yarn. It is a simple US single crochet/UK double crochet. This blanket worked up so quickly thanks to the colour changes.

152 stitches

Peach Chevron

I used cream, oatmeal, peach and coral for my Chevron blanket. To border I did a row of treble clusters in cream, a row of dc/sc in oatmeal and then in peach and I finished with a row of reverse crab stitch in coral.

W:38in (including border)
Rows: 96 (48 stripes)


My Larskfoot blanket colour way was inspired by the highlighters I used during my Post Graduate course in 2014-2016.

Current spec:
Rows: 83
Foundation row: 205 DC

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