Elevation – Ten ways to use your One Little Word

Ten ways to use your One Little Word

Hey Tribe

Last week I blogged all about my One Little Word and how to pick your own which you can read here

This week I have ten fabulous ways you can use your One Little Word. 

1. Create a Vision Board 

The key to your One Little Word is visibility and once I have chosen my word the first thing I do is create a vision board. 

Inspiration zone

In the past I have created a vision board within my journals which I looked at regularly. Now that I have my own place I have 2017 and 2018 framed and on top of my dresser which I see as soon as I wake and just before I go to sleep. 

I start with a piece of paper the size of my frame, usually the sheet that is between the glass and backing board when you buy the frame, and gather my supplies together. You can get inexpensive supplies for your vision board from The Range, The Works, Poundshops and Ebay. I lay the larger items out and play with the layout until I like it and then I begin sticking, embellishing and adding detail. This year I have also picked a clear colour scheme of pinks, rose gold and metallic which is going to be my colour palette for my projects this year. 

So what are you waiting for! Set aside a few hours, gather your materials and make yourself a vision board of your one word for your year. Get creative. Cut up magazines. Draw. Print from Pinterest. Paint. Use scrapbook embellishments. Make it any size you want. Frame it. Bookmark it. Photograph it. 

2. Write a Manifesto 

Writing a manifesto for your word is a great way to encapsulate exactly what you want from your year ahead. Write it out anyway you want, in a journal, on a post it note or type it. Then review it regularly. I tend to reread my manifesto on Sunday’s when I prepare my journals for the week ahead or if I have a big decision to make. Make your routine work for you. 

Manifesto: For me Elevation is about being my best self, An inspiration. Believing in myself. Testing my abilities. Pushing myself. Following my intuition. Inner peace. Alignment. Shedding doubt and worry, judgement and others opinions. Shining my own light. Spreading love and kindness. Stepping into my best self. Reaching New levels. 

3. Create a Pinterest Board

Pinterest is a huge resource! Pinning on your word regularly keeps it fresh in your mind and keeps you working towards it. I create a Pinterest board early on in my word’s creation, so either when gathering my prompts or when I am preparing to make my vision board. I then use my Pinterest board throughout the year, adding regular pins. I add pins containing my word and any which relate to my prompts. You can see this years board here and last years here

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4. Post Quotes

Use the quotes on your Pinterest board you’ve created regularly across your social media by posting quotes and so, keeping them visible and you accountable. 

5. Books

The year I picked Resilience as my word I also picked five books with Resilience in the title or as the subject and this had a huge positive impact on absorbing this word into all areas of my life. 

Here are a few Elevation titles: 

1. Elevate Your Life With the Power of Positive Perception by Nkechi Ajaeroh

2. Elevate: The Three Disciplines of Advanced Strategic Thinking by Rich Horwath

3. You Are Enough: How To Elevate Your Thoughts, Align Your Energy & Get Out of the Comparison Trap by Cassie Mendoza-Jones 

4. Elevate  by Thando Masiko

5. Designer Crochet: 32 Patterns to Elevate Your Style Paperback by Shannon Mullet-Bowlsby 

Search on Amazon and GoodReads to see what books you can find and don’t forget to add me to GoodReads so I can see too.

6. Music

The same principle applies to music as to books. Find songs with your word in the lyrics or title and create a playlist. Add songs which help you feel your word. Listen to them over and over again. 

7. Hashtag search your word

Use Instagram and Twitter to search your word as a hashtag to find others using your word. You can find accounts and users solely dedicated to your word. I frequently search Elevation on Twitter and retweet the decent tweets that I come across.

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8. Affirmations 

Affirmations are a positive short statement in the present tense that you repeat to bring into your life. Affirmations level up your mindset and attitude. Change your thoughts, change your habits, change your life. Try making three affirmations involving or relating to your word to speak daily.

1. I am working towards better things daily.

2. Every day I take positive steps to elevate my life.

3. I believe in myself.

Louise Hay is the Queen of affirmations so check out her website. I also have a Pinterest board for affirmations which you can look through for inspiration here.

▪️Pinterest @griffithheather▪️

9. Wear It. Decorate It


What better way to make your One Little Word visible then by wearing it? You can have jewellery made up. A bracelet or a necklace. You can also add your One Little Word to your decor, you can have the word printed on a canvas, add it to post it notes, make it into your desktop screensaver (or any device wallpaper!) Surround yourself with your word.

10. Light Box

Spell out your One Little Word and light it up!

    So, what is your One Little Word and in what ways will you be bringing it into your life?

Heather Boo xxx

Everything will work out



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