Elevation – My One Little Word & How to pick one

Elevation – My One Little Word

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My One Little Word for 2018 is


What is One Little Word?

I found the concept in 2012 when I had just graduated uni, had a demoralising evening bar staff job, and having just ended a six year relationship I was left feeling completely lost with what I wanted in life. I found a pin about the Ali Edwards Blog and her One Little Word on Pinterest and had some of that life changing magic sprinkled about from then on. 

Your One Little Word is a word you set as your guiding principle throughout the year. It will be your focus, it will keep you on track, something you continually work towards, and something to reflect upon day-to-day. The word becomes a part of your life as you make your life more like the word. 


How to pick your One Little Word

Your One Little Word is selected based on what you want to bring into 2018. What is it that you want to breathe into existence? Is there something you want to focus on? A state you want to reach?

Your word is personal to you and unique for your year ahead. It doesn’t have to be a fancy word. It just has to work for you. 

Usually, when picking my One Little Word, it makes itself known to me. I will repeatedly hear the same word or I will repeatedly come across it online or in books. You may already have a word immediately come to mind for you. 

But don’t worry if you are pulling a mind blank. This year rather then a word presenting itself I chose one to represent the visions I hold for this year. I wrote down all of the images, thoughts and goals swirling around in my head as prompts so that I could find word to encapsulate it.

To Me: Higher self. Authenticity. Dignity. Self Love. Self respect. Being True. Levelling up. Stepping up. Glow up. Adventure. Experiences. Progression. Being myself. Eery. Vibrations. Inner guidance. Bigger. Stepping into my space. The answer is in me. Removing barriers. Overcoming. Self care Head High. Self belief. 

Elevation came to me as I mulled over the the list whilst knitting socks. I think that counts as mindful meditation! 

Grab a piece of paper and jot down all of your prompts and see if a word comes to you. Do this when you are comfortable and in a space where you all not be interrupted.

Word suggestions 

Here are some word suggestions (including some of my previous words). Scan over the list and see if anything calls out to you. 

Action. Attitude. Believe. Breathe. Build. Celebration. Change. Choice. Complete. Connection. Courage. Create. Dare. Decide. Depth. Direction. Do. Dream. Embrace. Empire. Empower.
Energy. Faith. Fierce. Flourish. Forward. Gift. Gratitude. Grind. Happy. Heal. Honesty. Journey. Organise. Ownership. Passion. Patience.  Perseverance. Possibility. Prosperity. Recovery. Relax. Rise. Shine. Simplify. Slay. Strength. Surrender. Think. Time. Trust.

You can find further suggestions on Ali Edwards website

More about My One Little Word


Elevation: (noun)
1. The action or fact of raising or being raised to a higher or more important level, state or position.
Synonyms: promotion, upgrading, advancement, moving up, stepping up, next level. 

Manifesto: For me Elevation is about being my best self, An inspiration. Believing in myself. Testing my abilities. Pushing myself. Following my intuition. Inner peace. Alignment. Shedding doubt and worry, judgement and others opinions. Shining my own light. Spreading love and kindness. Stepping into my best self. Reaching New levels. 


I already feel and see big things manifesting. 

Has anyone else picked one word? 

Check back next week, I have a post giving you TEN ways to use your One Little Word. Subscribe to have it sent straight to your inbox. 

Heather Boo xxx




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