My Top 5 Yarn/Crochet/Knit Podcasts

My top 5 yarn/crochet/knit podcasts

When I crochet or knit I like to watch Netflix, twerk videos(!) and more recently podcasts/vlogs. I have always YouTubed tutorials and YouTube recommended Amber’s Yarn Hoarder podcast and I HAD to watch just so I could find out more about that stash.

Number one – Amber’s Yarn Hoarder 

Amber covers knitting, spinning a little crochet and sewing a Me Made wardrobe. She live sin America and has a whole range of pets, home schools her kids and is just surrounded by yarn. Bliss.

Number Two – Molly’s A Homespun House

Molly lives in Germany and has her own yarn line. She is gentle and her podcasts are so soothing. She knits the most beautiful garments and gives insights into he lifestyle. I am a little bit impressed when I hear her speak German ad then switch back to English. No biggie. Bilinguals are cool.

Number three – Ami’s A Little Tailoress

Ami has adorable baby Jack and Gaddesby the dog.  She talks about knitting and sewing. Her projects are so on point and so stylish. She is colour pallet goals and home decor goals. She also has her own yarn line and project bags.

Number four – Lindsay’s Lottie & Albert 

Lindsay is all about the colour, all about the chunky and all about the crochet. She uses acrylic yarn which I rate her for and do myself. She is also an editor for a crafty magazine and is an ambassador for HobbyCraft so she shows you all the latest must haves. She is a trend setter, like she creates the IG hypes, and she also churns out some amazing pattern.

Number 5 is Rosina’s Zeens & Rogers 

Zeens & Rogers gave me the inspiration behind my Crochet Cowl Granny Triangle and I really want to try her jumper!

There are so so many more podcasts that I am subscribed to. There is just something nice about watching crochet and getting new ideas and cooing over someones projects whilst working on your own. The enthusiasm is infectious. Kinda like a knit and natter in your own home.

These podcasts where also the inspiration and push for my own Podcast!

 What are your favourite Podcasts?




Mini Break – Dorset

Mini Break – Dorset 

(Not Devon)


I spent a week in Dorset with my Uncle, his partner, my aunt, and their two kids (my cousins), my cousin’s partner and their seven kids. One branch of the Griffith’s in three caravans in effect.

I packed LOTS of yarn, pjs, books and warm jumpers! The journey took us around five hours from The East Midlands to Poole coast. Mega. But all that car crochet time was put to good use.

The essentials are packed – PJ’S & YARN
Travel Times

The British Weather

Because I am British and no excursion is complete without a weather report, we caught Storm Ophelia and Storm Brian. Gail force winds, moody skies, red moon, torrential rain but also beautiful sunshine and abnormal warm winds. Times for exploring and times to hunker down.

Red Moon
Gail Force Winds

Selfies and Shorelines 

We visited a few different beaches and harbours. The kids paddled in the freezing cold sea and we ate chips by the seaside. Standard. In the evenings the kids did the entertainment, the oldies did the bingo thing and I was in the arcades and then in my pjs with peach beeline’s watching ice road truckers with my uncle. Simple things.

Dorset, harbour


I took three projects with me

A commissioned blanket.

A pair of DK knit socks.

And a Crochet Cowl Granny Triangle.

Commissioned Blanket 


this blanket has been commissioned by the owner of my previous commission for her mum. I had been playing with swatches and colour ways and finally decided on a 16 colour repeat!


Crochet Cowl Granny Triangle 

I blogged all about my cowl here and its’s free pattern.

Crochet and Chill
Crochet Cowl Granny Triangle Selfie
Crochet Cowl Granny Triangle Selfie

I didn’t even touch the DK knit socks! Crochet won over .


Amaya, five, is my cousin’s second youngest daughter and she is ADORABLE. She became my little shadow and followed me around asking so many questions about my crochet. She was genuinely fascinated. She also squished my yarn and WIPS and snuggled with them. Kid after my own heart. She asked for a scarf for her ‘Rabbit’ as he was cold by the seaside.

Rabbit’s scarf: Chain 7, dc into 2nd ch, dc to end. *Ch 1, turn, dc to end*. Repeat from * to * until desired length. I made mine apron 30 rows.

Fringing I wrapped yarn around a paracetamol packet and cut the top and bottom so as to create equal strands (it was too hand due to a headache in the caravan) I tied two strands to each ch space.

His fringing matches his fur. Heart eyes.

Amaya’s ‘Rabbit’