Mini Haul – Leicester Fabric Guild

Mini Haul – Leicester Fabric Guild

Hey tribe, mini haul here.

I have goodies to show off.

It was a slightly dangerous trip as I didn’t have a specific project in mind and was just going to ‘scope the joint’. I couldn’t walk away empty handed could I?! No…

In my swag bag:

1.Five fat quarters – yellow pinstripe, biscuit print(!), cacti print and plain pink. 2. Five reels of cotton thread. 3.Mini pom pom makers. 4. Bag Handles. 5. Fluro pink Robin DK.


There is so much on offer (all the heart eyes). Geometrics and quirky prints seem to be my gig, I need to do some serious fat quarter pattern hunting and visit the Guild again.

I adore this biscuit print cotton. (£.99p!)

The cacti print is on a denim type material (sorry, no idea of its legit material name)

All of the fabric is destined to become knitting pouches; a sock pouch, a notions case and possibly part of the patchwork for a sweater bag?

 And look what I found! A local stockist.

Caron Cakes.

Does anyone have any pattern/project suggestions?


The Robin DK is so fluro I couldn’t get the humble iPhone camera to focus. I shall be chopping it up to add a pop of colour to some of my #HGDCScrapBallChallenge projects.

HGDCScrapBallChallenge Bag


 I HAD to have these clear glitter handles (£1.75). They are going to be part of a #HGDCScrapBallChallenge Bag!

Squares or stripes or both?

 And talking of the #HGDCScrapBallChallenege…

#HGDCScrapBallChallenge Hottie

The first version of my hot water bottle cover is complete!

It took max three hours to churn out and uses up scraps entirely.  I am now working on the second version which will be posted on the blog as free pattern for you all.

I posted the pictorial of how to make the Scrap Balls here so get started ready for the pattern release.

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You can find all the details about the Guild here.

There new premises is an Aladdin’s cave which keeps on giving. Lifetime membership is £5 and everything is so reasonably priced. New fav shop!

Journaling – HGDC Crochet Journal & Planner


I have a journal for pretty much every aspect of my life. 

I have so many different journals I’ve created  blog post series to cover them all.

Today I will briefly introduce them all and then show you around the journals I use for HGDC – craft and crochet journals.


‘Journal’ – like a typical ‘dear diary’, for all my emotions, thoughts and moments I want to keep (or never ever repeat ever again!). 

Vision journal – Think Pinterest meets real paper. This journal is full of quotes, mantras and affirmations which I flick through when I am feeling negative in anyway + I am also a big vision board fan and made one for my 2017 goals.

Gym journal – I am a massive gym addict #GirlsWhoLift and I use this journal to track my progress, weight gain (yes GAIN), measurements, personal bests, food plans and training sessions.

Book journal – If I have read a book on my Kindle then I just click and highlight anything that resonates and it is added to my clippings. This journal is my physical booky book clippings.

Art journal – sketchbooks, I have a few of these hanging around, with pencil sketches and watercolour drawings on random pages. I would like to add to these but I am not willing to sacrifice the crochet time!

HGDC – I have both a planner  and a journal. The planner has all of my on going crochet and knit projects. The journal contains all my notes and ideas for my blog, social media and a few projects I am dreaming into existence. The rest of this post will delve into this pair with a little tour.


Right now I am using this folder set up which I got from Wilkinson’s for around £3.00. Its a ring bound A5 sized clear cover with dividers, insertable booklets and zip pouches.

The purpose of the HGDC planner is to keep track of all my current projects and projects I am planning in one little handy place. I have found so many pro’s of keeping a crochet planner/journal my top ten are;

1. Keep track of hook sizes, yarn type and place purchased. 2.  Plan WIPS before you start to prevent mass frogging, 3. Note down that amazing idea you have without losing it. 4. Queue the WIPS you want to start. 5. Log progress. 6. Keep track of your yarn stash. 7. Keep printed patterns from Raverly in one place. 8. Proof there is a method in my madness. 9. It looks so cute. 10.Everything is in one place!

The front page has to have ‘HG’ of course and a ton of decoration.

The dividers  are covered in quotes and images  + inspiration making a junk journalling/smashbooking/scrap booking hybrid for yarn.

As added embellsihment I have parts of the super cute packaging from my original Queen G bag that Miki from sent to me as a moving in present. Go check out her out if you haven’t already for trillions of amazing free mandalas and all the emojis.

Sneak peak: the granny square might be the start of a new WIP using Miki’s idea to create a never ending granny square using the #HGDCScrapYarn Challenge. Progress pictures soon!

 The planner has notebooks with squared paper and lined paper. The squared paper acts as graph paper for C2C projects floating around my mind. Yet to materialise in crochet form…

The lined notebook is handy to keep business cards of the indie dyers I buy from, yarn tags with swatches and colour ways noted. I keep notes on the hook sizes I am using because I have eight or nine WIPS and sometimes with delays in returning to a WIP I have forgotten the hook size and then have to resort to stalking my own IG or camera roll to try glimpse it. I have done this numerous times. Such a frustrating use of crochet time.

Oh and here is the cute message from Rosie from @Pixelatlantis when I won her mini skein giveaway.

Fred & George’s Firework Mini by Pixelatlantis

 I have also included a yarn colour card for a blanket WIP.  I used the colour card to plan out how many of each coloured square I needed and found it really handy to have with me in yarn shops so I could select complementing colours – or just not double up on a colour I already had stashed. See organised buying. Totally justified.

In the zip pouches I have been storing my new circulars and some gold thread to create glitter yarn. Glitter all the yarn.

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 I use my HGDC journal as a way to keep all my ideas, thoughts, plans  and to do lists together for a secret project I hope to launch soon. I collect information on everything so I have pages on blogging, social media, accounting, business start-ups, marketing and research. Every other page is a mind dump where I scribble every idea fizzing inside to keep them safe and keep my head clear. I am so excited to share it all and super nervous to top it off.

My HGDC Journal is chock full of inspirational quotes obvs. Currently heavily featuring #GIRLBOSS (a must read).

So that is it for this week. My HGDC planner and journal.

Are you a journaller? Do you keep a crochet or craft journal? Let me know in the comments. 

Thank you for joining me on my mini tour lovelies.


Next in the series will be my ‘Journal’ journals. How I use them to stay sane and capture memories. See you then. 


Stash busting scrap yarn blankets tutorial #HGDCScrapBallChallenge

Stash busting scrap yarn blankets

 Hey Tribe, Insta followers (my wonderful tribe) will have seen my posts about my latest crochet obsession. Stash busting scrap yarn blankets.

Why stash busting scrap yarn blankets?

Basically because, well  – adulting.

I touched upon my new crochet habits in my first blog post HGDesignsCrochet  – A Crochet Blog. Since moving into my own little place I haven’t had as much spare dolla to splash on yarn (sigh) and in actually having to pack up my stash I rudely realised how MUCH yarn I own. Like so, so much yarn. More adulting realisations, my place is tiny cute, so storage is sacred. There are not so many hiding places for yarn. I had an entire wall of built in wardrobes at the folks and trust me you could cram that solid! 

And, I confess, I want to buy lots of new squishy yarn to start a few (hundred) colour co-ordinating blankets so I need the space for the said new yarn. It would be amazing to purchase said squishy new yarn because its actually needed and would be guilt free because i’ve depleted my stash. Imagine that. Wow. So new adulting miss independently living me became a stash busting scrap yarn boss. Yeah hashtag that.

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I admit (begrudgingly) that I have a lot of yarn and I don’t need to buy more to make a million blankets (my project of choice always).  How to work in all those scraps? With the #HGDCScrapBallChallenge. 


Here is a mini pictutorial on how to make the #ScrapYarnBalls to take part in #HGDCScrapBallChallenge.


I collected together all my leftovers, scrap yarn, rejected abandoned half used balls, test swatches, and yarn barf.  Yarn barf is the yarn that tangles in the bottom of your project bags. You all have yarn barf issues.Then I made scrap yarn balls. 


Take two ends and knot together

Begin winding on your fingers to start a mini skein

Knot each end, as you reach, it to another scrap

Until you have your very own scrap yarn balls


Make a million of them


Start making your stash busting scrap yarn blankets. Just like mine.


scrap yarn blankets

You can follow its growth on insta with hashtag #HGDC_Scraptastic

Ready? Get set, GO!

Ready? Raid those yarn stashes and get making scrap yarn balls. Tag your pretties with #HGDCScrapYarnBallChallenge so I can shower your Insta and Twitter with love and so I can show you off in my #SaturdayShoutOuts. A special thank you to @nai_nai_makes for starting the challenge hashtag. I told you I have a wonderful tribe didn’t I. 

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Be sure to visit soon. In next weeks post I am showing off my first finished stash busting scrap yarn blanket, Scraptastic. Plus I will be show casing some of the tribes’ #HGDCScrapYarnBallChallenge blankets too. 

Heather xx